6Don’t make the same mistake that a lot of healthy people make, if you juice the wrong way juicing will make you gain weight.

  Seven reasons how juicing is making you fat?And then I’m gonna show you one of my favorite sugar free juice recipes that is gonna leaveyou satiated and filling full all day long. Let’s do this! Reason number one, you’rejuicing too much sugar. Lot of people come to me, they’re juicing not only fruit that’sloaded with sugar, you got your pineapple, bananas, different things like that but they’realso juicing sugary vegetables. Example, beets, carrots, other things, root vegetables areloaded with sugar. You wanna cut that out.

5Number two, you’re not eating enough food.

You’re metabolically slowed your metabolism so slow that anything you eat is being storedas fat so you wanna eat food as well unless you’re doing a three to a five day cleanseto reset your system and then you’re revving up your metabolism after that, I wanna seeeveryone eating healthy, nutritious food as well. You’re drinking juice on an already full stomach. I don’t know if you’ve done this my friend but I’ve done it before where you eat food and then you juice right afterwards. This can really disrupt your digestive system and actually slow it down to a turtles pace. You wanna make sure that you’re drinking your juice on an empty stomach not only that you’re chewing it because the amylase and the different enzymes on your mouth starts to digest that stuff and it treats it like a meal. Its mother nature’s insurance right? To keep you healthy but you wanna drink it on empty stomach. Now I know you know this but you wanna drink your juice right away because that’s when it has all your enzymes, your nutrients, phyto nutrients but did you know that if you wait too long there’s actually more sugar in the juice. So you wanna drink it within fifteen minutes.

4Number three you’re juicing the same thing over and over again.

After four days of non-rotation, the greens and stuff that you’re actually putting inyour juice, your body gets used to it therefore the enzymes and nutrients, the vitamins thatare in there you’re body’s not absorbing it as effectively so you wanna rotate yourgreens at least every four days.

3Number four, you’re not juicing the peels, rinds andskin.

There’s actually more vitamins on some of the rinds and skins on the fruitsand veggies than there is in the actual vegetable or fruit. So you wanna make sure you’rejuicing that tons of medicinal benefits. Organic lemon peels as an example have oil in them. It’s one of the most detoxifying compounds on the planet for phase two liver detoxification. So you wanna make sure your juicing that as well.

2And number five like anything else in life, you’re not juicing consistently.

If you’re not doing this consistently then your body isn’t getting the maximum benefits. That’s why I say drink your green juiceevery single day and if you don’t have a juicer or you don’t have the time to makeyour juice then at least make sure you’re drinking Organifi to green juice every singleday to get your superfoods, to get your vitamins and everything else. I’m blown away withsome of the responses we’re receiving all over the world from people that are drinkingthe green juice and seeing maximum results. So the biggest takeaway is if you’re notjuicing consistently, if you haven’t hit your weight loss goal that you’re tryingto hit, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re going to beachor a pool party this summer, it’s not your fault. You just didn’t know and knowledgeis power. So the more you watch our videos at FitLife TV the more knowledge you acquire,the more you’re impacting the people around you, your family and your friends and themore you take that position, the better your body is gonna start looking. The more changedyour start, you start to create and that’s what awesome about it so when I say we’rein this together, I mean it. Let’s get on with this recipe. We got a handful of Parsleyhere. I have one lime. I have three stalks of celery just like this. I have two cucumbersit’s gonna be a good base. Also remember to peel it if it’s not organic. This organicso I’m gonna leave the peel on. I have one green pepper. And then I have a small handfulof spinach as well. So here it is, this is a fragrant juice and the reason why we decidedto put parsley in here is to make it more fragrant. You know give it more of a depthof a flavor so don’t be afraid to add herbs, weeds, different things like that to yourjuice like maca root, dandelion are actually weeds that have more nutrients than normalkale or anything else, collard greens so add some of that, mix it around, play with it. Don’t juice the same thing over and over again. You got to rotate your greens for maximum success so let’s make this juice recipe. Hmm, primarily green. A little touch of redit’s all good though. Just like that let’s go ahead and try it out. Alkalizing, craving busting juice recipe, sugar free of course. Hmm, so fragrant, so delicious, so hydratingtoo. That cucumbers cooling so if it’s hot where you are in the summer it tends to geta little hot what you wanna do is drink cucumber juice coz it can cool your body, silica, loadedwith minerals. Absolutely love this juice recipe. Go ahead try it out. Let me know whatyou think. Alright so at the time, who won the juicer? Remember next week if you wannawin the juicer scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, leave a comment below abouthow your life is changed by implementing some of the strategies and tips that we talkedabout on FitLife TV. This week’s juicer winner is Shahshit Mac! Shahshit has beenremoving sugar and processed foods using the blender as the juicer and cleanse lose anotherten kilograms. Shahshit has some parents that can also use a little health boost. We’resending you a Kuving’s juicer. Use this to increase your health and keep us posted on your progress. It’s our goal to transform a billion people’s lives and we can’t do without you. So share this type of content, send it to somebody whose life you can change.