If You are in menopause and gained weight? Here’s how to avoid that with this uniquenatural remedy Today we talk about menopause. We all already know this and it is unpleasantfor most women, however, we must admit that it is something important. Generally, menopausal symptoms to appear inwomen 40 to 50 years of age. It is an indication of the end of ovulation and menstruation. This is a stage of life with major change sand must be addressed with wisdom. In this period, the body needs balance and-gives external signals such as: – Decreased estrogen levels- Changes in body – Lack of provision- Psychological problems – Insomnia- Heat Increase – Mood swings And something very serious, such as weightgain, which is the main subject today. The explanation is simple, the productionof hormones decreases and the body interprets this as a lack of fat.

Consequently metabolism changes and body weightincreases.

Psychologically, this problem affects a lotto all women. And not only that, the growth of children and retirement, are very delicate factors for women in this stage of life. The result? The consumption of sweet and fatty foods to fight against depression and anxiety, product of this stage of life. It is a very harmful vicious circle. What to do? One option is to have a good diet. And it is difficult at this stage of life,as many women continue with the same old and unhealthy habits.

If you want to change this scheme, here’sa very good information.

Certain foods can help increase estrogen and thereby reduce the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Look: – Flaxseed: it can be mixed with yogurt or oatmeal at breakfast. – Garlic: you can put in food or drink pure clove garlic before breakfast. – Dried fruit: the fruit that offer the best results are damask, the date and raisins. – Citrus fruits: as acerola, lemon, orange or fruit rich in vitamin C. And finally, the exceptional blackberry, you can consume as tea. INGREDIENTS1 liter of water 3-5 mulberry leaves (available in health food stores) METHOD OF PREPARATION Place the water for cooking and so boil, add the blackberry leaves, turn off the fire and smother. Between meals, drink 4 cups daily. Furthermore, the physical activities are veryimportant, especially air, to absorb vitamin D with sunlight. It is also essential to consume enough purewater and good quality, at least 2 liters per day. Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also ShareIt With Your Friends Thank You:.